Corona spring, what a spring… Long, tough and also lonely times, but now for 2 months things have moved fast!

We are slightly behind our renovation schedule, but actually situation is not bad at all. North italian efficiency has proved it’s strength and all people are really doing their best to catch up the lost time, when whole country was under lockdown for Corona virus.

What we have done so far:

  • endless hours of cleaning
  • endless hours of sorting out old stuff (furniture, old dishes and vases, paintings etc… there is a lot of stuff in an old house)
  • endless hours spent in the garden
  • endless hours spent painting the walls (and some cabinets)
  • renovation of the heating system
  • replacing a bath tub with modern washing machine + dryer + some cabinets
  • replacing a bath tub with shower
  • installing air conditioning to bedrooms
  • building a pool, cement truck being in the yard as I am writing this 🙂

In two weeks we will be taking our first dip into pool and I know already that it will be worth of this long spring.

In the end our spring has been all right. We have been in good health, starting this new project and enjoying warm weather for months now. And there is one Corona spring winner staying with us – that is our dog. I think Lido has enjoyed the spring since everyone has been at home, every day…

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