Keep dreaming…

Early last year we started to talk about moving to Italy. Once again. Year 2005 we moved to Milan, but it was a short trip in the end and after many steps we returned to Finland just after 4 months. But the love for Italy stayed and the idea, that one day we really would do it!

So here we are now, round two 15 years later. We are spontaneous people in these moving things (a normal question from our friends when seeing after few months is ‘So where do you live NOW?’ :)), so also this time everything happened fast. We found this house on April 2019 and on July we had bought it. On December 2019 we packed our car and moved here with our dog.

We had a clear idea about the house and the concept we were about to create. We wanted to create a holiday house with a story. A house that honours the history of the building and the area, with all the modern comforts of course. And since we are from Finland, we would combine some scandinavian simplicity with the italian country house style. One day we were watching a film A Good Year, starred by Russell Crowe. The film starts with words ‘A few vintages ago…’ So there it was – an idea put into words that had been in our heads!

Agnes & Albin were our grandparents names. Agnes was Johannas grandmother and Albin Villes grandfather. Strong personalities with Finnish attitude called ‘sisu’. Those two names goes together perfectly and we feel that together they create a perfect name to our holiday house concept. Also every house here is Casa something or Villa something and we wanted to find a different kind of approach. So the name for our house was decided.

This blog will be about Agnes & Albin, our life here, our house, our projects. Nice to have you here!

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