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Poolside snacks

Sunny and warm pool days are here! Take it easy, read a book, listen some music, do poolside yoga, enjoy cooling drink….But somehow relaxing can make you grave for some snacks, right? We like to recommend small tramezzino sandwiches! Easy peasy to make even for a bigger crew and everybody loves them. Add some sweet melon wedges on the side and even some crispy … Read More Poolside snacks


Gardening season

This feel so crazy for a finn, but the gardening season is here! Now it’s the moment to cut trees and plant new ones. We are getting our lawn fixed after the pool construction project and some new plants around the pool. Look, this picture says it all – it will be a green summer next year!


Ready, steady, swim!

Our pool and it’s surrounding stone pavements are finally ready and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Pool itself feels like an oasis now when we are living the hot summer months. But the thing that makes me most happy is the use of local stone and recycled bricks in the sun deck and walls. With the use of local and old materials … Read More Ready, steady, swim!