Sunny and warm pool days are here!

Take it easy, read a book, listen some music, do poolside yoga, enjoy cooling drink….But somehow relaxing can make you grave for some snacks, right? We like to recommend small tramezzino sandwiches! Easy peasy to make even for a bigger crew and everybody loves them. Add some sweet melon wedges on the side and even some crispy potato chips and you’ll have almost a lunch!

You’ll need:

Tramezzino bread (soft bread slices without crust, sold in every supermarket)

For fillings use different kinds of spreads that you can find from shops and I always like cucumber slices, they taste so fresh!

Try these filling combinations or come up with your own:

Artichoke spread + prosciutto cotto + cucumber slices

Olive spread + thin salami slices + mayonnaise + cucumber slices

Mayonnaise + boiled eggs in slices + good quality tuna + cucumber slices

Hummus + rucola/basil + tomato slices

Tzatziki + cucumber slices + marinated zucchini slices + feta cheese

Ricotta cheese + cold smoked salmon slices + cucumber slices + chopped chives

Tip! All kinds of leftovers work like a charm (potato slices, grilled chicken, salads…)

Tip! It’s always a good idea to add fresh herbs, salad leaves…

Make one or two layers, cut into small triangle shape breads and serve! So easy, so tasty! 

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