It’s official! Great news! Majority of Italian regions will be ”zona gialla” starting from next monday and Piedmont is one of those regions.

Gialla means yellow and it’s the lowest corona alert stage in Italy. It means that we are slowly returning to normality. I’m not listing all the changes, only those most relevant to us and our guests. So starting from monday:

All shops will be open

Restaurants operating open air can be open for lunch and dinner (4 persons/table or even more if you live together)

Museums open their doors (for weekends you’ll have to reserve your visiting slot)

Movies & theaters & events can start activities, first in open air and with reservation

Sport activity, including training in team, is allowed outdoors, public swimming pools and gyms will open later.

You can move freely from one region to another, if those areas are both in ”zona gialla”. For us this means, we can drive for example to the seaside of Liguria!

Of course many restrictions apply to all of those activities mentioned above (opening hours, limited amount of customers, reservations in advance, keeping always distances…). And there is still a curfew from 22-05 in every region. On the other hand, being home early equals to good night sleep…right?

Now all thumbs up that this will be a start for a new, better era. At least, we can all enjoy this open air season! We are opening a bottle of local Metodo Classico -bubbles (made in champagne method) for these news, for sure! 

Contratto’s For England Rosè seems appropriate, so we can congratulate also them for taking steps back to normality 🙂 Kippis! Per salute!

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