Renting a private holiday house from countryside is probably the most safe way to travel and experience the world this summer.

We are happy to welcome you under the italian sun with to most safe way. Wearing a mask in public areas, maintaining a distance for others and sanitazing hands frequently are a new normal here and everyone respects those rules. Also, when entering a shop or restaurant, normally your body temperature is being checked.

Italy has of course it’s own travel restrictions and from these links you can check which applies to you, when entering Italy.

Governments information site for travellers entering to Italy

Governments questionary site, provides same information as the site above, but in more user friendly questionary form.

Situation is changing all the time, as we know, but probably this summer you still need to have certificate for negative test result when entering (wild guess:)) and also when returning home (depending your home country and it’s rules, of course). Good news is that getting a test and certificate here in Italy is easy and affordable. Here in Piedmont you can take use of our pharmacies, which do rapid tests. Book an appointment in advance, go and take a test, you will have results and a certificate for travelling in few minutes. Prices range from 35-40 euros.

Stay safe everyone and hope to see you this summer!

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