Greetings from Genova! We had a one night visit in Genova and I can already say, it’s a hidden gem.

A vibrant city with so many contradictions, small alleys and big palazzos, historical city of banks and fishermen, so many gastronomical delicacies like pesto sauce, farinata (kind of focaccia made from chickpea flours), everything fritto (!), ligurian olive oil etc…You can smell the sea, feel the sea breeze, walk in the cozy old town, visit beautiful museums and Europe’s largest aquarium, take a boat ride by the sea…

Need to do more exploring in the future, this summer Palazzo Ducale has a Magnum photo agency’s exhibition about Italy, that’s on my list for next visit to Genova!

By car: 1,5 hours drive from Agnes & Albin
By train: 1,5-2 hours from Nizza Monferrato train station (you’ll have to change train once)

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